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Most common questions & answers.

What is your style of film?

At VOS Weddings my style is simplistic.  My focal point is telling the story of your wedding day in a way that is startling, creative and entertaining to watch. Your final film will capture keys moments and showcase every aspect of your day in the best possible way. I personally film and edit all weddings so you are guaranteed to have a professional who will be fully dedicated to your wedding film.

Is there a deposit required?

A deposit is required to protect the date your wedding is due to take place. You will be presented with a contract and summary of your coverage. The rest of the payment is to be paid before or on the day of the wedding.

Do you charge travel costs?

If the wedding is outside the Galway area then I can assess if there is a need for travel costs depending on the distance from point of origin.

Where are you established and how do we meet you?

I am established in Galway. Please complete the booking enquiry form or feel free to get in touch by phone or email for a chat. I strongly recommend that we arrange to meet prior to booking your wedding.

What are your prices?

Take a look at the package list and see what coverage you would like. Once you fill out your booking enquiry form on the contact page, I will send you a range of prices that will work for your wedding. When I make contact with you, we can then discuss my packages with all the features and make sure the package you go for covers all you envisage from your wedding film.

What is the time scale of finished product?

The time scale can vary with completion. I do my best to deliver in a close time frame, but my biggest commitment is producing the best and most memorable wedding video possible for you.

For how long do you film on the wedding day?

Coverage of your wedding day is entirely subject to what couples would like. You tell me what you would like included and I can adapt to your day to meet your requirements. This can be discussed when we meet.

Do you also provide photography services?

I practice exclusively in videography to give you the very best of this precise form. I do liaise with other photographers who's details can be found in the Recommendations page. The people detailed on this page specialise in photography and I have worked with countless numbers of times and would highly recommend so that you can have a team that work together effortlessly on videography and photography.

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